Charles Angrand

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Born: April 19, 1854

Died: April 1, 1926,

Known for: Painting, Drawing 

Charles Angrand was a French artist who had Noe-Impressionism, is a pictorial technique where colors are   mixed  on  a palette or directly  you put   small dots side by side to make a optical allusion by looking more real when farther away

He was an important member of the Parisian avant-grade

for my french food i had  french toast and powder sugar

the ingredients are




and powder sugar



computer number 17

okay so ever day these kids always come and bang on my key bored its kind of annoying cuse they always wack me up and do random stuff the only get some rest is at 10:30,12:00 and 3:00 but sometimes they play games instead of doing work at 12:00 but that only around um winter all my friends are 16;19,14,8 well that’s how my days go

I won the lottery

One day I was sitting down in my chair then I heard the phone , bring , I picked up the phone and , I won lottery, yes!  The  first thing  I  would buy would be a Mustang, a PS4, and a whale.

First a Mustang.  It  will be really smooth and aerodynamic . It would be flaming red with one black stripe in the middle of the car. The car would go 1000 km/ hr. It will be the fastest car in the world. And the seats will be made of the most  softest leather.

Then  I would get a ps4. I’ll get four see – through controllers. It will have 1000 gigabytes! It will also be glowing green. I will get a flat screen tv to go with it.

Last, but not least, a whale. It will be 18.5 feet, “that’s humongous” . The type of whale I want is a Humpback whale . He will live in a huge pool. It would be a salt water pool.  

That’s is what I would buy, Mustang. a ps4 and a whale!



My Science Project

2014-03-13 10.59.18

For my project I was doing meal worms to see what habitat they prefer. Do they like it wet or dry, or do they like to live in the light or in the dark? There were 10 meal worms in  the  wet and dry pan. There were 42 meal worms in the  light and dark part of the pan. I did 11 trials. I put the worms in the middle of the pan and watched which way they crawled.

 Meal worms are  really a grub that turns into a beetle. The beetles name is Darkling Beetle. I know that it sound gross, but it was fun. If you want to do this project you can find it in the Gr. 4 Science Text book.

This weekend

Hi, my name is Lorren and this weekend  I’m going  to my brother’s dad’s place for his other brother’s b -day. I don’t know what to give him, but I will find him a present for his b-day. I m leaving on Friday after school. I m going. I’ m so excited to go there. I should bring my controller so I can play on Xbox360. I wonder what we are going to do when we get there.

My Senses

The kitchen  is a good place for cooking food .

I can  hear the egg yelling for help,

And I can smell hot dogs and lemon cake .

 I can taste my beard in my mouth.

I can feel the egg beater in my hand and my beard rubbing against my skin.2014-02-18 09.50.50